Professor Richard Reid


I am interested in supervising any viable topic related to nineteenth- and twentieth-century Africa, but I am especially keen to hear from potential students interested in the history and memory of violence. 

I currently teach:

Prelims: FHS: Masters
European & World History 11 (1750-1930) FS23 Imperialism & Nationalism 1830-1980 Global & Imperial History MSt
    Themes and Concepts
    Warfare and the Military in African History


  • Conflict between Eritrea and Tigray: the long standing faultline in Ethiopian politics

  • A History of Modern Africa 1800 to the Present

  • Shallow Graves: a memoir of the Eritrean-Ethiopian war

  • The Ambiguity of Victory: the spectrum of 'winning' in African history

  • "None could stand before him in the battle, none ever reigned so wisely as he”: the expansion and significance of violence in early modern Africa