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The Oxford History Graduate Network is a graduate-created initiative in association with the History Faculty which aims to foster friendships and collaboration among graduate students at Oxford University. We organise social and academic events throughout the academic year, and provide a space where students can share their work, experiences, concerns and ideas.

emilie lavallee

President – Emilie Lavallee (

I’m a second-year DPhil in medieval history working on changing conceptions of political counsel in thirteenth-century England and France, with a particular focus on intellectual/theological influences. As president of the OHGN, I oversee the Graduate Network’s activities and assist the rest of the committee in their roles. I also act as the main point of contact for the OHGN, so please do get in touch with any questions, suggestions, and concerns – if I can’t help, I’ll do my best to get you in touch with someone who can. I attend meetings with the Faculty and the Humanities Division as well, so you can also get in touch with me if there is something you would like to raise with the Faculty and/or Division.

I also head up the Graduate Joint Consultative Committee (GJCC), a forum to support current graduates and provide student feedback to the History Faculty. If you’re interested in joining the GJCC as a representative or participating in the OHGN, please do let me know.

vittoria princi

Academic Affairs Officer – Vittoria Princi (

I'm a second year DPhil, studying military-civilian relations in Napoleonic Italy through the issue of barracks and military lodgings. As Academic Affairs Officer, I'm available to help with matters of supervision, teaching, and anything related to your academic progress. In addition, I help organise the Work in Progress Seminar and the Research Showcase.


andrew holland

Welfare Officer – Andrew Holland (

I am a third year DPhil looking at territoriality and identity in Anglo-Saxon England. My role as Welfare Officer includes overseeing the mentor scheme for new Masters and DPhil students and being a point of call for all welfare matters from Transfer of Status enquiries to day to day problems. I liaise with other members of the OHGN Committee and members of the faculty and sit on the Graduate Joint- Consultative Committee (GJCC) where I can relay concerns that have arisen.


Ms. Bethany White

Communications Officer – Bethany White (

I am a third-year DPhil student studying working-class women’s experiences of higher education in the 1960s and 1970s. As communications officer and secretary, I’m responsible for maintaining the OHGN web presence, particularly on social media (Facebook and Twitter), and circulating news about OHGN events. I also assist the faculty in managing the online profiles of doctoral students and co-ordinate administration of GJCC meetings. Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything I can help with.


susanna markert

Library Officer – Susanna Markert (

I am a second-year D.Phil student in medieval history, working on the intersection of legal structures and local societies in England. As the OHGN library officer, I liaise between the faculty and students on library-related issues. This includes sitting on the faculty's Committee on Library Provision & Strategy (CliPs) and the Graduate Joint-Consultative Committee (GJCC). I report new information and library policy changes to the OHGN community and act on behalf of OHGN to raise questions and concerns regarding the libraries to the appropriate over-seeing body. I am always available to receive concerns, questions, and recommendations regarding the library to bring to the faculty committees, as well as to answer questions regarding current library policy. 

alexander peplow

Elections Officer – Alexander Peplow (

I'm a first-year DPhil student working on the fourteenth-century Holy Roman Empire and its relations with the Avignon Papacy. As elections officer, I'm responsible for finding representatives for each of the faculty’s DPhil and MSt courses to serve on the Graduate Joint Consultative Committee (GJCC) in Michaelmas each year, as well as organising elections for the new OHGN committee members, which will take place in Trinity term. If you are interested in standing for a position, let me know!


Social Officer – Sylvia Alvares-Correa (

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