The Oxford History Graduate Network


The Oxford History Graduate Network is a graduate-created initiative in association with the History Faculty which aims to foster friendships and collaboration among graduate students at Oxford University. We organise social and academic events throughout the academic year, and provide a space where students can share their work, experiences, concerns and ideas.

OHGN & GJCC President -

I’m a MSt student in Medieval Studies, and I’m currently acting-president of the OHGN and the Graduate Joint Consultative Committee (GJCC). The president of the OHGN is here to be your main point of contact for questions and concerns, as well as to oversee the Graduate Network.  If I can’t help you, I’ll get you in touch with the right person. If you’re interested in joining the GJCC or participating in the OHGN, please let me know. The president of the GJCC, which will be, from next year, a separate position to that of the OHGN, is your main representative to the Faculty, and chairs meetings of course representatives (the GJCC itself). I also attend meetings with the Faculty and the Humanities Division, and support the Academic Affairs Officer, so if you have something you want to raise with the Faculty or the Division, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Academic Affairs Officer -

I’m a DPhil candidate in medieval history, working on borders and political spaces in 15th-century northern Italy. During my time as academic officer, I set up the OHGN writing group (Shut Up and Write) and launched a new, faculty-wide, graduate seminar (WiP - Work in Progress). I also assist the OHGN president in organising the Graduate Research Showcase and deputise for him when necessary. I’m available to help with any issues related to graduate supervision and teaching, as well as with concerns about funding and master-to-DPhil transitions.

Welfare Officer -

I'm currently in the third year of my DPhil in Renaissance History at St Peter's College where I am examining the office of the Papal Vice Chancellor during the late medieval/early modern period. I am using Rodrigo Borgia, Vice-Chancellor from 1457-1492 as an example in order to understand the workings of papal government. My role as Welfare Officer includes overseeing the mentor scheme for new Masters and DPhil students and being a point of call for all welfare matters from Transfer of Status enquiries to day to day problems. I liaise with other members of the OHGN Committee and members of the faculty and sit on the Graduate Joint- Consultative Committee (GJCC) where I can relay concerns that have arisen.

Social Events Officers - &

We’re both second-year DPhil students, working on religion and criminal justice in medieval Italy, and early modern Anglo-Spanish relations. Our job is to organise social events and parties for the graduate historians to promote networking and good relationships among the students. We’re always looking forward to receiving suggestions on new types of events to organise, so feel free to email us if you have ideas!

Library Officers - &

We’re both second-year DPhil students, working on Soviet history and on Early Modern global Catholicism. We liaise between the faculty and students on library-related issues. Our role includes sitting on the faculty's Committee on Library Provision & Strategy (CLiPs) and the Graduate Joint-Consultative Committee (GJCC), where we report new provisions and changes that affect graduate students. We are always happy to help with any issues related to library use and services.

Elections Officers - &

We are a second-year DPhil student studying early modern Italian history, and a second-year MPhil student studying 20th century Belgian history. As elections officers, we are responsible for finding representatives for each of the faculty’s DPhil and MSt courses to serve on the Graduate Joint Consultative Committee (GJCC) in Michaelmas each year, as well as organising elections for the new OHGN committee members, which will take place in Trinity term. If you are interested in running for a position, let us know!

Communication Officer -

I am a second-year DPhil student studying 20th century British social history, focusing on working-class women’s experiences of higher education in the 1960s and 1970s. As communications officer, I’m responsible for maintaining the OHGN web presence, particularly on social media (Facebook and Twitter). I also assist the faculty in managing the online profiles of doctoral students and assist the other officers in circulating news about OHGN events. Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything I can help with!

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