Disability Equality Statement

The Faculty seeks to promote Disability Equality in a number of ways:


  1. By holding a Disability Working Group every term to raise any issues relating to accessibility, equality and inclusivity for people with disabilities that are pertinent to History at Oxford, whether these affect students, academic staff or professional staff; to assess these as they arise, and feed back to the Equality and Diversity Committee
  2. By promoting an inclusive, supportive working environment for staff and students, free from discrimination and harassment on account of disability
  3. By considering explicit and implicit bias within the Faculty and the wider University, and where necessary to explore ways to overcome this
  4. By taking a proactive role with respect to supporting and including disabled students and staff within History
  5. By encouraging the study of disability throughout history, hosting events to mark Disability History Month, and by supporting the creation of a guide to Disability History resources with the Bodleian library
  6. By supporting inclusive teaching, which respects the diversity of students
  7. By the provision of helpful information and contacts to provide support to students and staff with disabilities, and to aid awareness of Disability issues

You can find further information on the support provided by the Faculty and University for students and staff with disabilities under Welfare and Harassment Advice.