Richard J. Reid - A History of Modern Africa: 1800 to the Present (Wiley, 2019)

reid a history of modern africa

A History of Modern Africa explores two centuries of the continents political, economic, and social history. This thorough yet accessible text help readers to understand key concepts, recognize significant themes, and identify the processes that shaped the modern history of Africa. Emphasis is placed on the consequences of colonial rule, and the links between the precolonial and postcolonial eras. Author Richard Reid, a prominent scholar and historian on the subject, argues that Africa's struggle for economic and political stability in the nineteenth century escalated and intensified through the twentieth century, the effects of which are still felt in the present day.

The new third edition offers substantial updates and revisions that consider recent events and historiography. Greater emphasis is placed on African agency, particularly during the colonial period, and the importance of the long-term militarization of African political culture. Discussions of the postcolonial period have been updated to reflect recent developments, including those in North Africa. Adopting a long-term approach to current African issues, this text:

  • Explores the legacies of the nineteenth century and the colonial period in the context of the contemporary era
  • Highlights the role of nineteenth century and long-term internal dynamics in Africa's modern challenges
  • Combines recent scholarship with concise and effective narrative
  • Features maps, illustrations, expanded references, and comprehensive endnotes

A History of Modern Africa: 1800 to the Present, 3rd Edition is an excellent introduction to the subject for undergraduate students in relevant courses, and for general readers with interest in modern African history and current affairs.

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