LGBTQ+ Equality Statement

The History Faculty is committed to LGBTQ+ equality. It is determined to foster an academic environment in which everyone is included, respected, and empowered to fulfil their potential. 


The Faculty pursues these objectives in a number of ways:

  1. By holding an LGBTQ+ Working Group every term to raise and consider any issues relating to LGBTQ+ equality pertinent to History at Oxford, whether these affect students, academic staff or professional staff; to assess these as they arise, and feed back to the Equality and Diversity Committee
  2. By committing to an ongoing process of embedding change through wide consultation, and discussion
  3. By promoting an inclusive, supportive working environment for staff and students, free from discrimination and harassment on account of sexual orientation. This includes ensuring greater clarity on harassment and complaint procedures; enhancing our appeal to LGBTQ+ applicants; ensuring that LGBTQ+ issues are considered in all appointments; and supporting students and staff, whatever their legal sex or sexual orientation, in realising their potential and achieving full recognition for their work.
  4. By ensuring inclusivity of research seminars, and providing unconscious bias and responsible bystander training
  5. By developing the undergraduate and graduate history syllabus to promote greater inclusivity in terms of content, approach and teaching materials, including the launch of a Masters course in Women’s, Gender and Queer History