Masters Study

Our taught degrees vary in length from 9 to 21 months, consisting of a mixture of course work and a self-motivated dissertation project. All our master’s degrees are designed for postgraduates who wish to deepen their knowledge of a period or area of history and who wish to obtain experience and training in research, these include programmes which allow graduates to familiarize themselves with specialist subject areas and their distinctive methodologies.

The wide variety of postgraduate master’s programmes reflects both the diversity and the clustering of research interests within the faculty. Some programmes can be taken as either a one-year course (MSt or MSc) or two-year course (MPhil). The two-year courses afford students the chance to take more specialist options, and also to complete a more substantial dissertation.

Related Programmes

The Department of the History of Art, which operates within the Faculty of History, is a vibrant centre for postgraduate students.  It offers a one-year taught postgraduate MSt degree in the History of Art and Visual Culture. The Faculty also contributes to two interdisciplinary degrees within the Humanities Division.