Graduate Admissions

Admissions are now closed.

To study history at Oxford at a graduate level gives you the chance to stretch your knowledge from c. 300 BCE. to the present and embraces, in addition to its British and European heritage, an exceptionally broad range of World history. The Faculty houses a research community of up to 800 senior academics and graduate students, all contributing to a varied menu of research seminars, lectures, academic societies, and other events which cover a wide range of topics.

Graduates are encouraged to make use of these opportunities as widely as possible. Striking the right balance between intellectual curiosity and discipline, and remaining focused without becoming blinkered, is an integral part of a successful graduate career. The Oxford environment provides all the ingredients for you to develop these skills while engaging fruitfully with others in the field.

All graduate students have an academic supervisor (or sometimes two or more co-supervisors) with expertise in relevant areas, to help you identify and acquire the knowledge and skills you need to complete your research. You don’t need to find your own supervisor before you apply.

We admit about 250 graduate students each year, with an overall equal gender balance. Approximately half of our graduate students are from beyond the UK, and about 20% of the annual intake receive university funding.

The Faculty offers a range of taught graduate courses (Masters) as well as three research-based DPhil options.

Getting in Touch

The Faculty and University pages should give you the information you need before applying, and guide you through the application process – please do read them thoroughly!

If you have a question that’s not covered, please email