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The Faculty offers a wide range of research seminars, often associated with particular Research Centres and Projects, which run during term-time throughout the academic year. These seminars are directed primarily at postgraduate students and Faculty members, but undergraduates are usually welcome, as are interested parties from beyond the University. Those who wish to attend in this capacity should contact the seminar convenor.

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Trinity Term 2018

Monday 23 April 2018 (1st Week, Trinity Term)


12:00 - “Howie Phillips and his wrecking crew”: The conservatives (try to) take the bureaucracy
Mitchell Robertson (University College)
American History Graduate Seminar


16:00 - How Darwin learned to theorize
Professor Alistair Sponsel (Vanderbilt University)
Seminars in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology


17:00 - Islamic kingship in the high Abbasid era: the reinvention of Sasanian tradition?
Luke Treadwell (University of Oxford)
The Iranian World from Sasanians to Islam


17:00 - Special OCBR Lecture: The Caucasian Alans between Byzantine Christianity and traditional paganism
Richard Foltz
Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar


17:00 - ‘Lending to God: Charitable Giving in an Age of Commerce’
Adam Davis (Denison University/Clare Hall Cambridge)
Medieval History Seminar


17:00 - ‘Notes towards a postsecular history of modern British secularization’
Sam Brewitt-Taylor (Lincoln)
Themes in the Modern History of Religion


Tuesday 24 April 2018 (1st Week, Trinity Term)


10:00 - When did the Hundred Years War End?
Dr Rowena Archer
Europaeum: Before War, After War


11:30 - Teaching Workshop: Oxford and Empire
Various Speakers


11:30 - Undergraduate Thesis Workshop
Rosanna Tabor, Amelia Gosztony, Hollie Eaton
Gender, Women and Culture Seminar


13:00 - Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Conflict
Al Brown
The Changing Character of War Centre Seminar


14:00 - Harem Histories and Princely Politics: Tipu Sultan, the Family and East India Company Rule
Margot Finn (UCL)
South Asia Seminar


16:30 - Data Science with Meaning: Reproducibility and Replicability in the Interpretive Social Sciences
Laura Nelson (Sociology and Anthropology, Northeastern University)
Reproducibility and Open Research Seminar


17:00 - Problematising Pilgrimage in Twelfth-Century England and Beyond
Anne Bailey
Medieval Church and Culture


Wednesday 25 April 2018 (1st Week, Trinity Term)


11:15 - “Security guarantee or security harzard? Segregation in Hamburg and London at the end of the 19th century”
Christine Krüger (University of Giessen)
The Long Nineteenth Century Seminar


11:15 - ‘The apostle of the Orient: Martin Crusius (1526-1607) and the Greek Mediterranean’
Richard Calis (Princeton)
New Perspectives in Mediterranean History


13:00 - In Search of the Phoenicians
Dr Josephine Quinn (University of Oxford), Hindy Najman (Oriel College ), Stephanie Dalley (University of Oxford), John Watts (University of Oxford)
Book at Lunchtime


13:00 - The humanists and the search for the historians
Michael Malone-Lee
Latin Correspondence of the Humanists


14:00 - Wandering Pretenders in Renaissance Europe: Christian Princes of the Ottoman Tributary States
Marian Coman (Bucharest)
Early Modern European Seminar


14:00 - Radicalizing liberalism: the ideological inversions of Islamic liberalism and moderation in Malaysian politics
Carlo Bonura (SOAS)
Southeast Asia Seminar


14:00 - Transgressing boundaries and defining space in Iberia: a medieval legacy?
Attendance is free. The PDFs of the three readings on which each session will be based can be obtained writing to
Various Speakers
Reading Group on Early Modern Iberian History


17:00 - Public Lecture - 'The Polish-Italian Royal Wedding of 1518: Dynasty, Memory & Language'
Dr Natalia Nowakowska (History Faculty)


17:00 - ‘The “Decline of magic” reconsidered’
MICHAEL HUNTER (Birkbeck, University of London)
Seminar in the History of Pre-Modern Science


17:00 - ‘Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall: Qur’an translator and novelist’
Dr Peter Clark (SOAS)
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies


17:00 - ‘The Rude Composures of a Simple Country Fellow’: Andrew Brice and the Cultural Economy of Devon, 1714-73
Richard Manning (Merton)
Graduate Seminar in History, 1680-1850


17:00 - 'Montaigne’s Stony Mind’
Dr Jenny Oliver (French)
The Early Modern Mind Seminar


17:15 - ‘“Longyng” for Health: Blood, Love, and Honey in A Talking of the Love of God’
Daniel McCann (Oxford)
Medieval English Research Seminar


Thursday 26 April 2018 (1st Week, Trinity Term)


09:30 - Conference programme: 'Renaissance Royal Weddings & Cultural Production'
Various Speakers


11:00 - Seville and its port during the Late Antique period
Carlos Cabrera Tejedor (Oxford)
Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Archaeology Seminar


14:00 - ‘The working lives of Irish women in late nineteenth-century England’, ‘Overtures from Germany: Music, War, and Memory in Britain, 1934-1955’ & ‘The British Left and the Idea of Community in the 1970s’
Beth Kitson (Balliol), Michael Nixon (Lincoln), Nicholas Garland (Univ)
Modern British History Seminar


16:00 - 'I didn’t really feel like Dan taught us anything': Undergraduate researchers and the history of London at war
Dr. Dan Todman (Queen Mary University of London)
Globalising and Localising the Great War


17:00 - The late German Enlightenment and its temples
Paul Kerry (Brigham Young University / Oxford)
Enlightenment Workshop


17:00 - The “Presbyterian story” in seventeenth-century Ireland
Dr Robert Armstrong (Trinity College Dublin)
Religion in the British Isles, 1400-1700 Seminar


17:00 - 'The right to freedom of religion: cases and controversies’
The Lord Pannick QC (Distinguished Fellow)
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies


17:00 - ‘The economic experience of the medieval north east: the evidence from Durham Cathedral Priory’.
Elizabeth Gemmill (Kellogg)
History Faculty Medieval Economic History Seminar


18:00 - IHR Weidenfeld Lecture in Jewish History 2018: ‘Marginalised Pasts: Jews and Muslims in the History of Europe’ with Professor Abigail Green
Professor Abigail Green


Friday 27 April 2018 (1st Week, Trinity Term)


14:00 - Journée Jean-Pierre Vernant - Jean-Pierre Vernant Lecture: Keynote Lecture : “When ritual is critical thinking: writing and divination in Ancient Greece”
Cléo Carastro (EHESS, Paris )
Maison Française d’Oxford Seminars


17:00 - “Undergraduate studies and the collection books at Christ Church”.
Judith Curthoys (Christ Church)
The Unloved Century: Georgian Oxford Reassessed


17:00 - Anglo-Norman Reading Group
Various Speakers
Anglo-Norman Reading Group


17:00 - 2018 Dahrendorf Lecture: The Defence of the University in Illiberal Times
Michael Ignatieff (Rector, Central European University), Professor Louise Richardson (Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford)


17:30 - Jonathan Dove
Jonathan Dove
Mellon-Sawyer Seminar Series. Post-War: Commemoration, Reconstraction, Reconciliation


18:00 - Fabricating Martyrs in Early Rus
Monica White (Nottingham)
The Cult of Saints in the First Millennium


Saturday 28 April 2018 (1st Week, Trinity Term)


09:30 - Music and Memory: Panel-led Workshop 1
Various Speakers
Mellon-Sawyer Seminar Series. Post-War: Commemoration, Reconstraction, Reconciliation





Registration Deadlines:


Saturday 5 May 2018 (2nd Week, Trinity Term)

09:30 - STUDY DAY: Birth through History: the History of Education for Practitioners and Prospective Parents in the 20th and 21st centuries
Various Speakers

No Deadline Noted.


Friday 18 May 2018 (4th Week, Trinity Term)

10:00 Environmental Humanities: Trees and Wellbeing Conference 
Various Speakers

Deadline for Registration: 4th May 2018


Tuesday 15 May 2018 (4th Week, Trinity Term)

09:30 - Prejudice, Pride, Place 2018 conference
Book your tickets now to attend. The deadline for purchasing tickets is Friday 4 May.

Wednesday 23 May 2018 (5th Week, Trinity Term)

09:00 - Wycliffism and Hussitism: Contexts, Methods, Perspectives (3-day conference)
Various Speakers

Deadline for Registration: 9th May 2018


Thursday 31 May 2018 (6th Week, Trinity Term)

18:15 - Seeking Perfection: English Medieval Chantry Chapels
Dr Cindy Wood (University of Winchester), Dr Cathy Oakes (University of Oxford)

Deadline for Dinner Registration: 18 May 2018


Saturday 9 June 2018 (7th Week, Trinity Term)

10:30 - "From Space to Spacetime" One-Day Conference

Deadline for Registration: midday on Friday 1st June.


Call for Papers:


Thursday 18 October 2018 (2nd Week, Michaelmas Term)

09:00 The Micro-Dynamics of Violence: A Violence Studies Oxford Mini-Conference 
Various Speakers 
Violence Studies Oxford

Please submit a short biography and a 250-500-word abstract to by 1 July 2018.


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