Professor Kathryn Gleadle


Do get in touch if you would like to discuss potential DPhil projects regarding: British childhood C19; girlhood; gender and life- writing C19; British women and politics long C19.

I currently teach:



British V 1685-1830

British V1685-1830

Approaches to history

British VI 1815-1924

OS12: Women, gender and nation: Britain, 1789-1825

SS 18: Becoming a citizen, 1860-1902


HENG Bridge Paper: Women’s Life writing: gender and social change, Britain: 1870-1930


Disciplines of History


  • Children against slavery: juvenile agency and the sugar boycotts in Britain

  • Magazine Culture, Girlhood Communities, and Educational Reform in Late Victorian Britain

  • Silence, dissent and affective relations in the juvenile diaries of Eva Knatchbull-Hugessen (1861-95).

  • Global feminisms, c.1870-1930: vocabularies and concepts- a comparative approach

  • Masculinity, Age and Life-Cycle in the Age of Reform