Professor Maria Misra


I would like to hear from potential DPhil students regarding in all aspects of South Asian history (though especially intellectual and cultural history) of the C19 and C20; also topics in global history, especially gender and the history of ideas          

I currently teach:

Prelims: FHS:
Approaches to History

General History XVIII: Global & Imperial, 1750-1914

  History of the British Isles VII, 1924-present
  Further Subject, ‘Postcolonial Historiography: Writing the Indian Nation’
  Special Subject: ‘From Gandhi to the Green Revolution: India, Independence and Modernity’
  Disciplines of History 



  • Gender: A Global History

  • Indian Aristocrats, British Imperialists and ‘Conservative Modernization’ after the Great Rebellion

  • The Indian Machiavelli: The Reception of the Arthasastra in India, 1905-2012

  • From Nehruvian Neglect to Bollywood Heroes: Memories of the Raj in Post-War India

  • Sergeant-Major Gandhi: Indian Nationalism and Non-Violent “Martiality”