Dr Benjamin Thompson


Dr Thompson's work encompasses the church, landowning society and politics in England from the Conquest to the Reformation. He is writing books about changing aristocratic attitudes to the church's property, culminating in the Dissolution of the Monasteries. One of these focuses on the Alien Priories, a group of institutions and properies under French jurisdiction which were suppressed or Anglicized in the course of the Hundred Years War.  He plans to write a text-book on religion and the church in politics and society in late-medieval England, up to the Reformation.  He offers supervision to students in the period between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries in England.  He specializes in themes associated with the church and religion; but he ranges over politics, society and culture.

  • Political Society in Later Medieval England A Festschrift for Christine Carpenter

  • Locality and Ecclesiastical Polity: the Late Medieval Church between Duality and Integration

  • Introduction

  • Lamenting the Church? Bishop Andrzej Krzycki and Early Reformation Polemic

  • The Polemic of Ecclesiastical Reform in Late-Medieval England

  • Church and State, Clerks and Graduates

  • Local politics and ecclesiastical patronage in gentry letters.

  • Polemic: Language as violence in medieval and early modern discourse

  • Prelates and the Alien Priories

  • Knowles and the Alien Priories: a Missed Opportunity

  • More
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