History Skills Workshops (for teachers)

Oxford University’s History Faculty offers History Skills Workshops to state secondary schools across the UK.

Each workshop has five aims:

  • To inspire students’ curiosity about the past and enthusiasm for studying history.
  • To develop students’ abilities to analyse primary sources in depth.
  • To work with secondary school teachers to enrich the history curriculum.
  • To help students to develop the analytical, critical, and imaginative skills that Russell Group universities look for in applicants for humanities degrees.
  • To inform and encourage students to consider applying to read history at Oxford University.

Practical information

History skills workshops last about an hour and are ideal as an after-school activity. Please let us know beforehand how long you would like the session in your school to be.

Workshops are designed to develop the academic skills of keen students in Years 10-13. Able students in younger year-groups, other teachers, and (if appropriate) parents are welcome – whatever works for you.

All history skills workshops are interactive. As part of a presentation, students will debate how historians should interpret thought-provoking primary sources, and will have time to ask questions about history, applying to university, and Oxford. It would be helpful if you could estimate how many students may attend beforehand.

The workshops develop the skills that are tested by Oxford University’s undergraduate admissions process, including the History Aptitude Test (HAT) and admissions interviews. To find out more about applying to study history at Oxford, see: https://www.history.ox.ac.uk/undergraduate-admissions

We welcome requests for online workshops, which will normally be delivered via Microsoft Teams. We may also be able to offer face-to-face workshops. Depending on numbers, we may ask you to collaborate with history teachers and students from other local schools. All workshops are free to state schools in the UK.

Workshops are taught by historians who are researching PhDs at Oxford and who have been trained to work with schools. Ambassadors are also able to put you in touch with admissions co-ordinators at Oxford who can provide further individual guidance to potential Oxford applicants.


         The close reading of a source and working through it with students worked really well. It modelled high level thinking - so much more than we could do - and really gave the students a sense of the standard of Oxford and the fascination of the history.

Teacher Feedback


For state secondary schools across the UK. Funded by Oxford University.

The History Faculty’s outreach programme seeks to challenge educational inequalities across the UK.

To find out more, email outreach@history.ox.ac.uk.

For information about other Oxford University outreach activities, including UNIQ summer schools, Oxplore digital learning resources, and teacher conferences, see: ox.ac.uk/access.