Professor Kathryn Gleadle

Borderline Citizens: women, gender and political culture in Britain, 1815-1867 (Oxford, 2009)

Borderline Citizens: women, gender and political culture in Britain, 1815-1867 (Oxford, 2009)

This volume provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of women's involvement in British political culture in the first half of the nineteenth century. It is based upon extensive archival research, but also engages with recent feminist theories in the social sciences, such as psychology and sociology. The volume is innovative too for its attention to rural experiences of politics, as well as urban. Dr Gleadle not only throws new light on women's political activities but also does much to challenge many traditional assumptions about contemporary politics per se. This includes, for example, fresh insights into the great Reform Act of 1832, attention to the many continuities in political practice and ideas, and a focus upon the primary significance of parish politics within the day-to-day activities of the middling and gentry classes.

  • Children, childhood and politics in the long nineteenth century
  • Victorian diaries and manuscript cultures
  • Global feminisms in the long nineteenth century
  • Women and political engagement, Britain 1780-1920
  • Global feminisms, c.1870-1930: vocabularies and concepts- a comparative approach

  • Masculinity, Age and Life-Cycle in the Age of Reform

  • The Juvenile Enlightenment: British children and youth during the French Revolution

  • 'We Will Have It': Children and Protest in the Ten Hours Movement

  • 'The Riches and Treasure of Other Countries': Women, Empire, and Maratime Expertise in early Victorian London

  • Gentry, Gender and the Moral economy during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in Provincial England

  • The imagined communities of women's history: current debates and emerging themes, a rhizomatic approach

  • Borderline Citizens

  • Revisiting Family Fortunes: reflections on the twentieth anniversary of the publication of L. Davidoff & C. Hall (1987) Family Fortunes: men and women of the English middle class, 1780–1850 (London: Hutchinson)

  • Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna and the Mobilization of Tory Women in Early Victorian England

  • More

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  • Catherine Sloan
  • Geraldine Porter

I would be willing to hear from potential DPhil students regarding: British childhood C19; girlhood; gender and life- writing  C19; British women and politics long C19.

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