Historia Lectures

A series of super-curricular lectures from the University of Oxford's Faculty of History

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Aimed at students currently studying for A levels or equivalent these lectures are designed to introduce you to new and engaging historical topics and periods. Lecture subjects are drawn from current DPhil candidate research.

Live sessions include an introductory lecture, Q&A and suggested reading materials to help you explore the topic further.

When: Tuesdays (term time) 4pm

Spring Term 2023 

10 Jan Kate Shore Reformations abroad: German print and England, 1547-1603

10th Jan lecture recording

17 Jan Yusuf Tayara Mathematics, Magic, and Mongols: the forces that shaped mediaeval Islamic astronomy 17th Jan lecture recording
24 Jan   Rescheduled  
31 Jan Clare Burgess Women of the World: Prostitution and Gender in Late 16th Century Seville 31st Jan lecture recording
07 Feb Fleur MacInnes Transfeminine Activism in 1970s Britain  
21 Feb Petros Spanou War and Caricature: 1854-1856  
28 Feb Annabel Hancock Trust between traders in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, 1240-1350  
07 Mar Brenda McCollum Islam and Muslims in Colonial Buganda, ca. 1900 - 1962  
14 Mar Elena Rossi Our Mother the University: Maternal Roles and Higher Education in the Middle Ages  
21 Mar Chloé Agar Miracles in Christian Egypt: Saints, Shrines, and Sinners  
28 Mar Aaron Larsen

Darkest Forests, Highest Mountains: Landscapes of Fear and the Early Modern Witches' Sabbath