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America and the World

A Global History of Gold Rushes

Seeking a Global History of Gold

Engineering Gold Rushes: Engineers and the Mechanics of Global Connectivity

Business in the Borderlands: American Trade in the South African Marketplace, 1871-1902

Expatriate Foreign Relations: Britain's American Community and Transnational Approaches to the US Civil War

Review of Andrew Priest. “Thinking about Empire: The Administration of Ulysses S. Grant, Spanish Colonialism and the Ten Years’ War in Cuba.”

Review of 'Addressing America: George Washington’s Farewell and the Making of National Culture, Politics, and Diplomacy, 1796-1852'

Being American in Europe, 1750-1860

Engineering inter-imperialism: American miners and the transformation of global mining, 1871-1910

Passage to America: Celebrated European Visitors in Search of the American Adventure

The Other Americans in Paris: Businessmen, Countesses, Wayward Youth, 1880-1941.

Anglo-American Inter-Imperialism: US Expansion and the British World, c.1865-1914

Locating the English diaspora, 1500–2010

Sovereignty Transformed: U.S.-Habsburg Relations from 1815 to the Paris Peace Conference

Freedom Burning: Anti-Slavery and Empire in Victorian Britain.

Envisioning the Nation: The Early American World's Fairs and the Formation of Culture

“Uncle Sam is to be Sacrificed”: Anglophobia in Late Nineteenth-Century Politics and Culture

Manifesting America: The Imperial Construction of US National Space

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