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Dynasty: Etymology, Historiography and the Jagiellonian Case

'Rioting Blacksmiths and Jewish Women: Remembering the Reformation in Early Modern Polish Chronicles’

'An Ambiguous Golden Age: the Jagiellonians in Polish Memory and Historical Counsciousness'

Remembering the Jagiellonians

King Sigismund of Poland and Martin Luther: the Reformation Before Confessionalisation

Rhetorics of Decline & Rebirth: The End of the Jagiellonian Dynasty (1572-c.1600)

Reform Before Reform? Religious Currents in Central Europe circa 1500

Lamenting the Church? Bishop Andrzej Krzycki and Early Reformation Polemic

High clergy and printers: anti-Reformation polemic in the kingdom of Poland, 1520-36

High clergy and the printing press:Anti-Reformation polemic in the Kingdom of Poland, c.1517-1540

Forgetting Lutheranism: The Historiography of the Early Reformation in Poland

From Strassburg to Trent: Bishops, Printing and Liturgical Reform in the Fifteenth Century

Królewski Kardynał. Studium kariery Fryderyka Jagiellończyka (1468-1503)

Diplomatic Relations between the Jagiellonian courts of Poland-Lithuania and Papal Rome, 1492-1506

Church, State and Dynasty in Renaissance Poland The Career of Cardinal Fryderyk Jagiellon (1468-1503)

'Jagiellonians and Habsburgs: the Polish Historiography of Emperor Charles V'

Poland and the Crusade in the Reign of King Jan Olbracht, 1492–1501

Rich Neighbours, Poor Neighbours: the Impact of EU Accession Negotiations in Poland, 1998-2000

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