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One Clock Fits All? Time and Imagined Communities in Nineteenth-Century Germany

Die Ungeduld mit der Zeit. Britische und deutsche Bahnpassagiere im Eisenbahnzeitalter

Nationalism in Europe 1918-45

Remaking the Rhythms of Life: German Communities in the Age of the Nation-State

Seventh nations and nationalism debate: Joep Leerssen's National Thought in Europe: A Cultural History

William Whyte and Oliver Zimmer, eds, Nationalism and the Reshaping of Urban Communities in Europe, 1848–1914

Coping with deviance: Swiss nationhood in the long nineteenth century

Nationalism and the Reshaping of Urban Communities in Europe, 1848-1914

Urban Economies and the National Imagination: The German South, 1860-1914

Beneath the "Culture War": Corpus Christi Processions and Mutual Accommodation in the Second German Empire

Nation and Religion. Von der Imagination des Nationalen zur Verarbeitung von Nationalisierungsprozessen

Circumscribing Community in Constructions of Swiss Nationhood

Power and the Nation in European History

'A Unique Fusion of the Natural and the Man-Made': The Trajectory of Swiss Nationalism, 1933-39

Nationalism in Europe 1890-1940

A Contested Nation: History, Memory and Nationalism in Switzerland, 1761-1891

Boundary mechanisms and symbolic resources: towards a process-oriented approach to national identity

Competing Memories of the Nation: Liberal Historians and the Reconstruction of the Swiss Past, 1870-1900

In Search of Natural Identity: Alpine Landscape and the Reconstruction of the Swiss Nation