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The Juvenile Enlightenment: British children and youth during the French Revolution

Silence, dissent and affective relations in the juvenile diaries of Eva Knatchbull-Hugessen (1861-95).

Global feminisms, c.1870-1930: vocabularies and concepts- a comparative approach

Masculinity, Age and Life-Cycle in the Age of Reform

Playing at Soldiers: British Loyalism and Juvenile Identities during the Napoleonic Wars

'We Will Have It': Children and Protest in the Ten Hours Movement

'The Riches and Treasure of Other Countries': Women, Empire, and Maratime Expertise in early Victorian London

Gentry, Gender and the Moral economy during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in Provincial England

The imagined communities of women's history: current debates and emerging themes, a rhizomatic approach

Borderline Citizens

Revisiting Family Fortunes: reflections on the twentieth anniversary of the publication of L. Davidoff & C. Hall (1987) Family Fortunes: men and women of the English middle class, 1780–1850 (London: Hutchinson)

Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna and the Mobilization of Tory Women in Early Victorian England

'Opinions Deliver'd in Conversation': Conversation, Politics and Gender in the Late Eighteenth Century

'The Age of Physiological Reformers': Rethinking Gender and Domesticity in the Age of Reform

Radical Writing on Women, 1800–1850 An Anthology

British Women in the Nineteenth Century

British Women and Radical Politics in the Late Nonconformist Enlightenment, c.1780-1830

Women in British Politics, 1760-1860

The Early Feminists: Radical Unitarians and the Emergence of the Women's Rights Movement, 1831-51

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