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Secularity, sociology, and the contemporary history of Islam

The Emergence of Nationalism

The impossible Republic. The reconquest of Algeria and the decolonization of France, 1945-62

Abd al-Qādir, al-amīr (Emir Abd el-Kader) (1808-1883)

Ben Bādīs, ʿAbd al-Ḥamīd' (1889-1940)


In the shadow of revolution

Culture as War by Other Means: Community, Conflict, and Cultural Revolution, 1967-1981

A History of Algeria

A world no longer shared. Losing the droit de cité in nineteenth century Algiers

Modernity in "antique lands": Perspectives from the Western Mediterranean

Rule of experts? Governing modernisation in late colonial French Africa

Global and Local in Algeria and Morocco: The World, The State and the Village

Locating Social Analysis in the Maghrib

Sacral Suicides, Unpunishable Killings, Rites of Power

Frontiers, Borderlands, and Saharan/World History

Saharan frontiers. Space and mobility in northwest Africa

The British and French Empires in the Arab World: Some Problems of Colonial State-Formation and its Legacy

Crisis and Recovery Narratives in Maghrebi Histories of the Ottoman Period (ca. 1870-1970)

Dream of exile, promise of home: Language, education, and Arabism in Algeria

The Secular State’s Islamic Empire. Muslim Spaces and Subjects of Jurisdiction in Paris and Algiers, 1905-1957

Histories of Heresy and Salvation: Arabs, Berbers, Community and the State

État, société et culture chez les intellectuels de l’iṣlāḥ maghrébin (Algérie et Tunisie, c.1890-1940), ou la réforme comme apprentissage de l’arriération

Social memories “in the flesh”: War and exile in Algerian self-writing

After the war: Algeria’s transition to uncertainty

La mosquée et le cimetière. Espaces du sacré et pouvoir symbolique à Constantine en 1936

The Fetishism of Identity: Empire, Nation, and the Politics of Subjectivity in Algeria

History and the Culture of Nationalism in Algeria

Martyrdom and Destiny: the Inscription and Imagination of Algerian History

Savage Wars? Codes of Violence in Algeria, 1830s-1990s

The Shabiba Islamiyya of Algiers: Education, Authority, and Colonial Control, 1921-57

Myth and Counter-Myth: "The Berber" As National Signifier in Algerian Historiographies

Nation, Society and Culture in North Africa

« Soi-même » comme un « autre ». Les histoires coloniales d'Ahmad Tawfîq al-Madanî (1899-1983)

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