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Rome, Ravenna and Venice, 750-1000: city identity in medieval Italy before the communes

Proclaiming power in the city: the archbishops of Ravenna and the doges of Venice

‘The Church of Ravenna, Constantinople and Rome in the seventh century’

Three empires, three cities: identity, material culture and legitimacy in Venice, Ravenna and Rome, 750-1000

'Venecie due sunt’: Venice and its grounding in the Adriatic and North Italian background

Roman highlights and their English afterlife

'Un prince-évêque au XI siècle : l’archevêque d’York Ealdred'

Errol Le Cain's Fairy Tales as Manuscript Illumination

La genèse du culte de la Conception de Marie: l'étape anglaise

"The King from Overseas": Why Did Aethelstan Matter in Tenth-Century Continental Affairs?

Medievalism as Fun and Games


In Search of the Holy Grail The Quest for the Middle Ages

Minster Lovell, Kencot

'Virgin Queens: abbesses and power in Early Anglo-Saxon England'

'The Anglo-Saxon Church and the Papacy'

'Aux périphéries du monde carolingien: liens dynastiques et nouvelles fidélités dans le royaume anglo-saxon'

'Cet Irlandais qui évangélisa l'Europe'

'Genèse du culte de la Madeleine'

'Le culte de Marie Madeleine dans l'Angleterre anglo-saxonne'

The English Church and the Continent in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries Cultural, Spiritual, and Artistic Exchanges

'Deux visiteurs anglais au Trésor de St Denis au dix-septième siècle'

'An unknown text about Old St Peter's in Rome in the Tenth Century'

'Archbishop Sigeric's pilgrimage to Rome in 990'

The Birth of Margaret of Anjou

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