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Per lumen sapientiae: Roger Bacon and the struggle for a hegemonic rationality

The Friars in Church and State, 1224-ca. 1267

The Uncertainties of Reformers: Collective Anxieties and Strategic Discourses

Encounters in the Ruins: Latin Captives, Franciscan Friars and the Dangers of Religious Plurality in the early Mongol Empire

The Problem of Obedience among the English Friars

The Cosmographical Imagination of Roger Bacon

'Roger Bacon’ and ‘Opus maius and related works’

Roger Bacon and the Defence of Christendom

The Importance of Greeks in Latin Thought: the Evidence of Roger Bacon

The Remedies for Great Danger: Contemporary Appraisals of Roger Bacon's Expertise

Going among the infidels: the mendicant orders and Louis IX's first Mediterranean campaign

Franciscan Advice to the Papacy in the Middle Ages

A Mirror for Every Age: The Reputation of Roger Bacon

Infideles in the Opus maius of Roger Bacon

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