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Towns in Medieval England: Selected Sources

True icons? The Power of Supernatural Images in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy

The Art of Solidarity in the Middle Ages: Guilds in England 1250-1550

The Five Guildsmen

Antonello da Messina, the devotional image, and artistic change in the Renaissance

Spectacular Miracles: Transforming Images in Italy 1500-2000

Beyond Naturalism in Art and Poetry: Duccio and Dante on the Road to Emmaus

Notes from the field: Miraculous images

Guilds and confraternities: architects of unnatural Community

Finding Oneself in a Medieval Fraternity: Individual and Collective Identities in the English Guilds

Party List: Making Friends in English Medieval Guilds

Sacred space in the light of the miraculous image. A case-study from seventeenth-century Italy

Big Brotherhood: Guilds in Urban Politics in Late Medieval England

Miraculous Images and the Sanctification of Urban Neighborhood in Post-Medieval Italy

The Virgin Mary and the people of Liguria: Image and cult

Turning Tale into Vision: Time and the Image in the "Divina Commedia"

Translations of the miraculous: Cult images and their representation in early modern Liguria

All for one - Constructing an identity for the Republic of Genoa in the seventeenth century: official memory and its resistance

The Quality of Life

Urban Culture and the Church, 1300-1540

Christianity and Art

Reliquie o immagini? Culti e miracoli in Liguria

Conflict and political community in the medieval town: Disputes between clergy and laity in Hereford

The Church in the Medieval Town

Crafts, guilds and the negotiation of work in the medieval town

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