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El Llenguatge de la Universalitat Musulmana/The Language of Muslim Universality

Middle of the Road Mahatma

Is a Dalit-Muslim Alliance Possible?

The Rediscovery of India

Gandhi and Ambedkar, a False Debate

Diplomacy at the UN

An Indian History of Tolerance

Indien: Nationalstaat oder Zivilisation?

Made in India: History without the state

The Political Philosophy of Muhammad Iqbal

Fighting Terrorism with the Big Boys

“Young Fogeys: The Anachronism of New Scholarship on Pakistan,” review of Venkat Dhulipala’s A New Medina

Catching up with Oneself: Islam and the Representation of Humanity

ISIS: A Life on the Surface

The Universal and the Particular

The Anatomy of a Massacre

His Story of India

Mystical Assassinations


Nationalism as Antonym of Communalism

Tracking Islam in the Archive

BJP and Congress: Different Mandates, Similar Challenges

Politics after Al-Qaeda

The Idea of Ismailism

Broad Brush

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