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Community and the Labour Left in 1970s London


Containing Racism? The London experience, 1957-1968

The London Cabbie and the Rise of Essex Man

Living Utopia: Communal Living in Denmark and Britain

"Die Briten kommen”: British Beat and the Conquest of Europe in the 1960s

Macmillan’s Martyr: the Pilgrim Case, the “Land Grab” and the Tory Housing Drive, 1951-9

John Lloyd (1833-1915)

Joseph Firth Bottomley Firth (1842-1889)

The Political Culture of Modern Britain

Serota [née Katz], Beatrice, Baroness Serota (1919–2002),

The Government of London

The London Drug Scene and the Making of Drug Policy, 1965-1973

'Simple Solutions to Complex Problems': The Greater London Council and the Greater London Development Plan, 1965-1973

Cutler, Sir Horace Walter (1912–1997)

From GLC to GLA: London Politics from Then to Now

The Inner London Education Authority and the William Tyndale Junior School Affair, 1974-1976

Central Government and the Towns

London Government 1850-1920: the Metropolitan Board of Works and the London County Council

Rents and Race in 1960s London: New Light on Rachmanism

Modern London

A History of Britain, 1885-1939

Modern London, 1850-1939

The Borough Franchise after 1867

Slums and the Vote, 1867-1900

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