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Imperial capitals at war: A comparative perspective

The Great War in 1916: a Challenge to Faith?

Beliefs and Religion

Religion and War

A War of Peoples 1914-1919

Commemorating the Battle

Britain and Ireland

Adieu a tout cela

The Last Great War: British Society and the First World War

Railway stations: gateways and termini

Religious sites and practices

Military Service Tribunals: Civil Society in Action, 1916-1918

A Clash of Cultures: The British Press and the Opening of the Great War

British War Enthusiasm: A Reassessment

Peculiarities of the English? War, Violence and Politics: 1900–1939

Ireland and the Great War 'A War to Unite Us All'?

The Boys of Kilimichael

Lost Generations: the Impact of Military Casualties on Paris, London and Berlin

The Silence of Memory Armistice Day, 1919-1946

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