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Progressivism in British Politics: Some Revisionist Themes

Currents of Neo-Liberalism: British Political Ideologies and the New Right, c. 1955-79

Neoliberalism, Labour and Trade Unionism

Hard Labour

On Frank Knight’s “Freedom as Fact and Criterion”

Neoliberalism: Wanted, Dead or Alive

The Left and Scottish Nationalism

The Political Thought of Scottish Nationalism

Hayek, Keynes, and the Origins of Neo-Liberalism: A Reply to Farrant and McPhail

The Think Tank Archipelago: Thatcherism and Neo-Liberalism

Corporatism and its Discontents: Pluralism, Anti-Pluralism and Anglo-American Industrial Relations, c. 1930-1980

Socialism and the New Liberalism

Property-Owning Democracy: A Short History

Freedom, the Common Good and the Rule of Law: Lippmann and Hayek on Economic Planning

Liberalism as Ideology: Essays in Honour of Michael Freeden

Making Thatcher's Britain

An Ideology of Class: Neo-Liberalism and the Trade Unions, c.1930-79

At the Origins of Neo-Liberalism: The Free Economy and the Strong State, 1930-1947

Revisionism Reconsidered: 'Property-owning Democracy' and Egalitarian Strategy in Post-War Britain

The Conceptual History of Social Justice

The Uses Of Utilitarianism: Social Justice, Welfare Economics and British Socialism, 1931- 48

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