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From military enterprise to standing armies: war, state, and society in western Europe, 1600–1700

Interests, Corruption and Military Effectiveness: the French Army of Italy and the Campaign of 1657

Richelieu, Mazarin and Italy (1635–59): Statesmanship in Context

The Military Enterpriser in the Thirty Years’ War

Armed Forces

The Business of War: Military Enterprise and Military Revolution in Early Modern Europe

Armed Forces

The Thirty Years War, 1618-48

The Thirty Years War, 1618–48

Had a distinct template for a ‘Western way of war’ been established before 1800?

Had a Distinct Template for a ‘Western Way of War’ been Established before 1800?

Art, Ceremony and Performance: Cardinal Mazarin and Cultural Patronage at the Court of Louis XIV

From Military Enterprise to Standing Armies: State, Society and Military Organization, 1600-1700

Italian soldiers in French service, 1500-1700. The collapse of a military tradition

Etats et frontières en Europe, 1516-1660

France's War against the Habsburgs, 1624-1659: The Politics of Military Failure

Cultures of Combat in the Ancien Régime: Linear Warfare, Noble Values, and Entrepreneurship

Richelieu's Army: War, Government and Society in France, 1624-1642

War and International Relations in Seventeenth-Century Europe

"Richelieu, Charles de Gonzague-Nevers et le "jeu forcé"; la France et la Guerre de la Succession de Mantoue, 1628-1630

The Utility of Fortifications in Early Modern Europe: Italian Princes and Their Citadels, 1540–1640

The Mantuan Succession and the Thirty Years' War

The Mantuan Succession, 1627-31: A Sovereignty Dispute in Early Modern Europe

The Role of Fortifications in Early Modern Europe; the Farnese and the security of the duchies of Parma and Piacenza

The sovereignty of Monferrato and the citadel of Casale as European problems in the Early Modern Period

A prince souverain and the French crown: Charles de Nevers, 1580-1637

Strategy and Tactics in the Thirty Years' War: the 'Military Revolution

Power and Patronage in the French Army, 1620-1659

Richelieu, the Grands and the French Army

The Causes of the Franco-Spanish War of 1635-59

Strategy and Tactics in the Thirty Years' War: the 'Military Revolution

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