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General introduction to 'The English Parish Church through the centuries: daily life and spirituality, art and architecture, literature and music [Sections 5 & 6: 1689-1945, and 1945-present]'

The State, Nationalism and National Identities

Anglican Evangelicals and Anti-Permissiveness: The Nationwide Festival of Light 1971-1983

The Church of England, Race and Multiculturalism 1962-2012

The Fall and Rise of Church and State? Religious History, Politics and the State in Britain 1961-2011

Thatcherism, Morality and Religion

The Church and the Bomb: Anglicans and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, c1958-1984

The Dog that Didn’t Bark: The Failure of Disestablishment since 1927

Law, Morality and Secularisation: The Church of England and the Wolfenden Report 1954-1967

The Religion of Englishness: Puritanism, Providentialism, and “National Character,” 1918–1945

Redefining Christian Britain Post-1945 Perspectives

Citizenship, Community, and the Church of England Liberal Anglican Theories of the State Between the Wars

Civil Society and the Clerisy: Christian Élites and NationalCulture, c. 1930–1950

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