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Great Expectations? Childhood, Family, and Middle-Class Social Mobility in Nineteenth-Century England

'The Time of Storms': managing bourgeois girls' puberty in France, 1800-1870

Home Education in Historical Perspective

Charlotte Mason, home education and the Parents’ National Educational Union in the late nineteenth century

Home education 1750–1900: domestic pedagogies in England and Wales in historical perspective

'Only what is pure and exquisite': girls' reading at school in France, 1800-70

Faith and Religion

De la femme aux individus: l'histoire du genre en Grand Bretagne, des annees 1960 a nos jours

Educating Women Schooling and Identity in England and France, 1800-1867

“Educational homes” and “Barrack-like schools”: Cross-Channel perspectives on secondary education for boys in mid-nineteenth century England and France

Behind the School Walls: The School Community in French and English Boarding Schools for Girls, 1810–1867

The Development of Teaching as a Profession for Women Before 1870

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