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Cultures of Diplomacy and Literary Writing in the Early Modern World

Early Modern Queens Consort and Dowager and Diplomatic Gifts

Introduction: Literary and Diplomatic Cultures in the Early Modern World

Introduction: Unwrapping the Dangerous Gift

Negotiating with the Material Text: Royal Correspondence between England and the Wider World

Roger Ascham and Mid-Tudor Diplomatic Careers

Sir Henry Unton, Elizabeth I and Chivalric Diplomacy

The Dangerous Gift as Diplomatic Tool? Relics and Cross-confessional Gift-giving at the Turn of the Seventeenth Century

The Dangers of Gifts from Antiquity to the Digital Age

The Cambridge Connection and the Early Elizabethan Diplomatic Corps

Introduction: Practices of Diplomacy

Practices of Diplomacy in the Early Modern World c.1410-1800

Early Modern Diplomatic History

Elizabethan Diplomatic Networks and the Spread of News

Material Culture and the Politics of Space: Diplomatic Encounters at the Tudor Court

Negotiating the Royal Image: Portrait Exchanges in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Diplomacy

'A Memorial and a Pledge of Faith': Portraiture and Early Modern Diplomatic Culture

The Early Polemics of Henry VIII’s Royal Supremacy and their International Usage

Anne Boleyn's Coronation, Nicholas Udall, and John Leland

Clarifying Essay Marking Criteria in History


Richard Pate, the Royal Supremacy, and Reformation Diplomacy

Renaissance and Reform in Tudor England: The Careers of Sir Richard Morison c.1513-1556

The Role of Ambassador and Use of Cipher

'All our books do be sent into other countreys and translated': Henrician Polemic in its International Context

Thomas Wilson’s demosthenes and the politics of tudor translation

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