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Kin Support and the English Poor: evidence from Lancashire, c. 1620-1710

Coping with Risk in the Seventeenth Century: The First Age of the English Old Poor Law: A Regional Study

The Fray on the Meadow: Violence, and Moment of Government in Early Tudor England

‘By the charitie of good people’: poverty and neighbourly support in seventeenth century Lancashire

Famine and the female mortality advantage: sex, gender and mortality in northwest England, c. 1590–1630

Co-operation and Conflict. Politics, Institutions and the Management of the English Commons, 1500-1700

The First Century of Welfare Poverty and Poor Relief in Lancashire, 1620-1730

The northern manor and the politics of neighbourhood: Dilston, Northumberland, 1558-1640

Grain trading, law and the moral economy of dearth: Some evidence from the Elizabethan Lake District

The landholding structure of a northern manor: Troutbeck, c. 1250-1800

Review of periodical literature published in 2010

Land, population and famine in the Englishuplands: A Westmorland case study, c.1370–1650

The Political Culture of the English Commons,c. 1550-1650

Poverty in an industrializing town: deserving hardship in Bolton, 1674-99


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