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How epidemics end.

A Global History of Early Modern Violence

Five ways to ensure that models serve society: a manifesto

Histories of epidemics in the time of COVID19

The history of science and medicine in the context ofCOVID‐19

Review: The Occupation of Havana: War, Trade, and Slavery in the Atlantic World by Elena A. Schneider

Review: Cherokee Medicine, Colonial Germs: An Indigenous Nation's Fight against Smallpox, 1518-1824

Warfare, Medicine, and Disease in the Atlantic World

L’histoire de la quantification : les guerres franco-britanniques et le développement de la statistique médicale (The history of quantification: Anglo-French wars and the development of medical statistics )

Review of: Jeremiah Dancy, The Myth of the Press Gang: Volunteers, impressment and the naval manpower problem in the late eighteenth century

The Administration of War and French Prisoners of War in Britain, 1756–1763

Colonial Disease, Translation, and Enlightenment: Franco-British Medicine and the Seven Years‘ War

Disease, War, and the Imperial State

Review of: Paul Kopperman's Regimental Practice by John Buchanan, MD: An Eighteenth-Century Medical Diary and Manual

Making the Body Modern: Race, Medicine, and the Colonial Soldier in the Mid Eighteenth Century

Civilians and War in Europe, 1618-1815


The Administration of War and French Prisoners of War in Britain, 1756-1763

Review: Ship's Surgeons of the Dutch East India Company: Commerce and the Progress of Medicine in the Eighteenth Century

Military Medicine and the Ethics of War: British Colonial Warfare During the Seven Years War (1756-63).

Review: Peninsular Eyewitnesses: The Experience of War in Spain and Portugal, 1808-1815

Review: British Military and Naval Medicine, 1600-1830

The Western Squadron, Medical Trials, and the Sick and Hurt Board during the Seven Years War

Disease, Wilderness Warfare, and Imperial Relations: The Battle for Quebec, 1759-1760

The Caring Fiscal-Military State during the Seven Years War, 1756-1763