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Aristocracies and Modernities in the British Empire: India after the Great Rebellion

From Nehruvian Neglect to Bollywood Heroes: Memories of the Raj in Post-War India

The Indian Machiavelli: The Reception of the Arthasastra in India, 1905-2012

Sergeant-Major Gandhi: Indian Nationalism and Non-Violent “Martiality”

Indian Aristocrats, British Imperialists and ‘Conservative Modernization’ after the Great Rebellion

Colonial officers and gentlemen: the British Empire and the globalization of ‘tradition’

Vishnu's Crowded Temple: India Since the Great Rebellion

Lessons of Empire: Britain and India

'Business culture' and entrepreneurship in British India, 1860-1950

Business, Race, and Politics in British India, c.1850-1960

Gentlemanly Capitalism and the Raj: British Policy in India, c. 1860-1947

Co‐option and Coercion in India 1857–1947

Politics and Expatriate Enterprise in India: The Inter-War Years

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