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Polite and Commercial’s Twin: Public Life and the Propertied Englishman 1689-1789

Democracy from book to life: the emergence of the term in active political debate, to 1848

Christopher Ferguson. An Artisan Intellectual: James Carter and the Rise of Modern Britain, 1792–1853.


Popular consent and the european order

Re-imagining the social order

Happiness Contested: Happiness and Politics in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth centuries

Suffering and Happiness in England, 1550-1850 Narratives and Representations

Consensus and the Majoritarian Principle in English Parliamentary Politics during the 18th and 19th Centuries

‘Networks’ in British History

The Diaries of John Wilkes, 1770–1797

Parliament and Church Reform: Off and On the Agenda

Introduction: Settlement and belonging in Europe, 1500-1930s: Structures, negotiations and experiences

Re-imagining Democracy in the Age of Revolutions: America, France, Britain, Ireland 1750-1850

The Weavers in Parliament: The Legitimacy of the People's Policy (England, 1799-1800)

Regulating Wages in Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth-Century England: Arguments in Context

Forms of 'Government Growth', 1780-1830

‘L’« éducation nationale » dans les îles Britanniques, 1765-1815 : Variations britanniques et irlandaises sur un thème européen’ [National Education: British and Irish Variations on a European Theme, 1760-1815]

Power and Happiness: Empirical Social Enquiry in Britain, from 'Political Arithmetic' to 'Moral Statistics'

The Protestant carpenter - William Payne of Bell Yard (c.1718-82): the life and times of a London informing constable

Inferior Politics


Rethinking the Age of Reform: Britain 1780-1850

Libraries in Context: Social, Cultural and Intellectual Background 1750-1850

When did the Victorian Age begin? Reflections on Richard Price'sBritish Society 1680–1880

Legislation and Public Participation 1760-1830

Central Government 'Interference': Changing Conceptions, Practices and Concerns 1688-1840

La « réforme » dans la vie publique anglaise. Les fortunes d'un mot

‘Reform’ in English Public Life: the Fortunes of a Rord

Legislating for Three Kingdoms: How the Westminster Parliament Legislated for England, Scotland and Ireland, 1707-1830

Origins of the Factory Acts: the Health and Morals of Apprentices Act 1802

The Distinctiveness of the English Poor Laws, 1750-1850

Governing Diverse Societies

Managing the Metropolis: London's Social Problems and Their Control, c. 1660-1830

Managing the metropolis: London's social problems and their control, c. 1660-1830.

Politics and Government 1700-1840

The State and the Poor: Eighteenth-century England in Comparative Perspective

What would a Four-Nations History of Eighteenth-Century Social Policy Entail?

Charity, Philanthropy and Reform From the 1690s to 1850

State, Church and Voluntarism in European Welfare 1690-1850

The Local Acts of a National Parliament: Parliament's Role in Sanctioning Local Action in Eighteenth-Century Britain


The Mixed Economy of Welfare in Early Modern England: Assessments of the Options from Hale to Malthus (1683-1803)

The Domestic Face of the Military-Fiscal State: State and Society in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Politics, Property and the Middle Class

II Representative histories: recent studies of popular politics and political culture in eighteenth and early nineteenth-century England

Politics and Morals: the Reformation of Manners Movement in Later Eighteenth-Century England

Parliament and the Shaping of Eighteenth-Century English Social Policy


Prisons for the Poor: English Bridewells 1555-1800

The Crime Wave: Recent Writing on Crime and Criminal Justice in Eighteenth-Century England

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