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Science shortfall

Ludic - or playful - geopolitics

Chain effects 2016: the impact of academy chains on low-income students

Class differences: Ethnicity and disadvantage

Degrees of debt: Funding and finance for undergraduates in Anglophone countries

Leading people 2016: the educational backgrounds of the UK professional elite

Shadow schooling: Private tuition and social mobility in the UK

The Girl on Fire: The Hunger Games , Feminist Geopolitics and the Contemporary Female Action Hero

The digital evacuee: mediation, 'mobility justice' and the politics of evacuation

Chain effects 2015: the impact of academy chains on low-income students

Levels of success: the potential of UK apprenticeships

Teaching by degrees: the university backgrounds of state and independent school teachers

Resurrecting the vigilante: paternal sovereignty, exceptionality and familial security in Taken (2008) and Taken 2 (2013)

The End of the Rainbow?

It's Not a Laughing Matter: Critical Geopolitics, Humour and Unlaughter

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