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Cursing and Curing, or The practice of Christianity in eighth-century Rome

Relics and the insular world, c. 600-c. 800

One site, many more meanings: The community of Saint-Maurice d'Agaune and its relic collection

Eleventh-Century Relic Collections and the Holy Land

Pippin III and the sandals of Christ

Relics: an evolving tradition in Latin Christianity

Les reliques et leurs étiquettes

Les étiquettes d'authentification des reliques

Care of Relics in Early Medieval Rome

Material Christianity in the early medieval household

Writing in Britain and Ireland, c. 400 to c. 800

Portable Christianity: relics in the Medieval west (c.700-c.1200)

La réécriture chez Hucbald de Saint-Amand

Rulers and relics, c.750-c.950: ’treasure on earth, treasure in heaven’

Pilgrimage and Spiritual Healing in the Ninth Century

Radegundis peccatrix: authorizations of virginity in late antique Gaul

"Carrying the cares of state": gender perspectives on early medieval Staatlichkeit

Saints and their cults

Cambridge History of Christianity, Volume III: Early Medieval Christianities AD 600-1100

Early Medieval Christianities, c. 600-c.1100

Europe after Rome: a New Cultural History 500-1000

Gender in the Early Medieval World: East and West, 300-900

Gendering the early medieval world

"Emending Evil Ways and Praising God's Omnipotence": Einhard and the Uses of Roman Martyrs

Einhard: the sinner and the saint

Women at the Tomb: Access to Relic Shrines in the Early Middle Ages

Confronting identities: the rhetoric and reality of a Carolingian frontier

Aedificatio sancti loci: the making of a ninth-century holy place

L'accès des femmes aux saintes reliques durant le haut Moyen Âge

Early Medieval Rome and the Christian West: Essays in Honour of Donald A.Bullough

Old saints, new cults: Roman relics in Carolingian Francia

Did women have a transformation of the Roman world?

Gender and ideology in the Early Middle Ages

Regarding medievalists: contexts and approaches

A Hagiographer at work: Hucbald and the library of Saint-Amand

Fines imperii: the marches

Religion and lay society

The problem of female sanctity in Carolingian Europe, 750-920

The hagiography of Hucbald of Saint-Amand’

Review article: Early medieval hagiography in the late twentieth century

Province and Empire: Brittany and the Carolingians

Oral and written: saints, miracles and relics in medieval Brittany, c.850-1250

Culte impérial et politique frontalière dans la vallée de la Vilaine. Le témoignage des diplômes carolingiens dans le Cartulaire de Redon

The sack of Vannes by Pippin III

Celtic asceticism and Carolingian authority in early medieval Brittany

The "Archbishopric" of Dol and the ecclesiastical politics of ninth-century Brittany

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