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Russian Homophobia from Stalin to Sochi

’Dramatological’ Trauma in the Gulag: Malingering and self-inflicted injuries and the prisoner-patient

La révolution sexuelle en URSS : des changements dynamiques sous la glace

Lives in the Balance: Weak and Disabled Prisoners and the Biopolitics of the Gulag

Chto takoe ‘traditsionnye seksual’nye otnosheniia’?

From Stalinist Pariahs to Subjects of ‘Sovereign Democracy’: Queers in Moscow 1945 to the Present

Love and Death: Transforming Sexualities in Russia, 1914-1922

Russian and Soviet Forensic Psychiatry: Troubled and Troubling

The sexual revolution in the USSR: dynamic change beneath the ice

Gei i lesbiianki - zhertvy politicheskogo terrora v SSSR

Comrades, Queers, and ‘Oddballs’: Sodomy, Masculinity, and Gendered Violence in Leningrad Province of the 1950s

Nasledie GULAGa: Prinuditel'nyi trud sovetskoi epokhi kak vnutrenniaia kolonizatsiia

Introduction: Experts, Expertise, and New Histories of Soviet Medicine

Active, Passive, and Russian: The National Idea in Gay Men's Pornography

Defining Sexual Maturity as the Soviet Alternative to an Age of Consent

Soviet Medicine: Culture, Practice, Science

Bolshevik Sexual Forensics

’Untraditional Sex’ and the ‘Simple Russian’: Nostalgia for Soviet Innocence in the Polemics of Dilia Enikeeva

Gomoseksual'noe vlechenie v revoliutsionnoi Rossii: Regulirovanie seksual'no-gendernogo dissidentstva

Early Soviet Forensic Psychiatric Approaches to Sex Crime

Sexual Cultures in Russia

Can We Queer Early Modern Russia?

Bolshevik Medicine and Russia’s Sexual Revolution

Sexual and Gender Dissent: Homosexuality as Resistance in Stalin’s Russia


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