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Indonesian Islamic socialism and its South Asian roots

Reinforcing charisma in the bureaucratisation of Indonesian islamic organisations

Decolonization and Religion: Islamic Arguments for Indonesian Independence

“News of Independence Spreads,” “Muslims Embrace the Revolution,” and “Shaping Indonesia and Its Government,”

The Influence of Muhammad ᶜAbduh in Indonesia: Speech given by Hamka (Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah) when receiving a doctorate Honoris Causa from al-Azhar University, Cairo

Islam in Indonesia’s Foreign Policy, 1945-1949

Evaluating the PRRI Rebellion as a West Sumatran Peasant Movement

The standardisation of the Indonesian language and its consequences for Islamic communities

Seeking Arabs but Looking at Indonesians: Snouck Hurgronje’s Arab Lens on the Dutch East Indies

The Missing Minister of Religion and the PSII: A Contextual Biography of K.H. Ahmad Azhary

One Islamic Community, Two Rival Sisters

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