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Toddlers, teenagers and terminal heights: The determinants of adult male stature, Flanders 1800-76



Toddlers, teenagers and terminal heights: The determinants of adult male stature, Flanders 1800-76

Female heights and economic development

Gender bias in nineteenth-century England: Evidence from factory children

Australia's convict myths

The rise and fall of Australian Economic History

Blood and Bone: Body mass, gender and health inequality in 19th century British families

Growing incomes, growing people in nineteenth-century Tasmania

Nutrition and health, 1700-1870

The convict economy

Bargaining for basics? Inferring decision making in nineteenth-century British households from expenditure, diet, stature, and death

Food and Fodder: Feeding England, 1700-1900

Bringing home the bacon? Regional nutrition, stature and gender in the Industrial Revolution

Hasty pudding versus tasty bread: Regional variations in diet and nutrition during the Industrial Revolution

Measuring misery: Body mass, ageing and gender inequality in Victorian London

The Convict Stain: The unlikely love affair of convicts and historians: a perspective

Anthropometric measures of living standards and gender inequality in nineteenth-century Britain

Condemned to the colonies: Penal transportation as the solution to Britain's law and order problem

‘Pitted but not pitied’ or, does smallpox make you small?

Peopling the Pacific with prisoners

Contracting Convicts: The Convict Labour Market in Van Diemen's Land 1840-1857

Living Standards of Women in Prefamine Ireland

‘The seat of death and terror’: urbanization, stunting, and smallpox

Convicted and free women in nineteenth-century Australia

Work and prudence: Household responses to income variation in nineteenth-century Britain

Crust or crumb?: Intrahousehold resource allocation and male breadwinning in late Victorian Britain

Migration and Opportunity: An Antipodean Perspective

Representing Convict Women

Living Standards of Women in England and Wales, 1785-1815: New Evidence from Newgate Prison Records

Convict Maids: The Forced Migration of Women to Australia

Packing her (economic) bags: Convict women workers

The industrial revolution and the genesis of the male breadwinner

The Living Standards of Women during the Industrial Revolution, 1795-1820

Who were the female convicts?

Women transported: Gendered images and realities

Female Convicts

Who were the female convicts?

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