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Was there a Scottish 'urban renaissance' ?

Lottery Adventuring in Britain, c.1710-1760

Scots Burghs, 'Privilege' and the Court of Session in the Eighteenth Century

A Tale of Three Cities: The Life and Times of Lord Daer 1763-1794

Scottish Town in the Age of the Enlightenment 1740-1820

Landowners and Urban Society in Eighteenth-Century Scotland

Lord Daer, radicalism, union and the Enlightenment in the 1790s

The Enlightenment, Towns and Urban Society in Scotland, c.1760-1820

Towards a British Political Economy: an Eighteenth Century Scottish Perspective

Cultural Change in Provincial Scottish Towns, c.1700-1820

The Patriot Clubs of the 1750s

The Scottish People and the French Revolution

Scottish-English Connections in the British Radicalism of the 1790s

Scotland in the Age of the French Revolution

The Scots, the Westminster Parliament, and the British State in the Eighteenth Century

Politics and the Nation Britain in the Mid-Eighteenth Century

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