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Ballads and Broadsides in France: Accounting for an Absence

Regionalism and Folklore

Rhythms of Revolt European Traditions and Memories of Social Conflict in Oral Culture

Intimacies and Intimations: Storytelling between Servants and Masters in Nineteenth-Century France

Cinderella of the Breton Polders: Suffering and Escape in the Notebooks of a Young, Female Farm-Servant in the 1880s*

Legends and the Peasant History of Emancipation in France and Beyond

British Women Folklorists in Post-Unification Italy: Rachel Busk and Evelyn Martinengo-Cesaresco

Lacemakers and Old Songs, in Olney and Elsewhere

Folklore and Nationalism in Europe during the long Nineteenth Century

Folklore beyond Nationalism: Identity Politics and Scientific Cultures in a New Discipline

Voices of the People in Nineteenth-Century France

The Ecotype or a Modest Proposal to Reconnect Cultural and Social History

La bataille de Saint-Cast (Bretagne, 11 septembre 1758)

Legends of the Allied Invasions and Occupations of eastern France

The World Turned Upside-Down: Female Soldiers in the French Armies of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

The Experience and Culture of War in the Eighteenth-Century: The British Raids on the Breton Coast, 1758

Sieges, Seduction and Sacrifice in Revolutionary War: The `Virgins of Verdun', 1792

Storytelling and Networking in a Breton Fishing Village, 1879-1882

Storytelling, Fairytales and Autobiography: Some Observations on Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century French Soldiers' and Sailors' Memoirs

Female Soldiers and the Battle of the Sexes in France: the Mobilization of a Folk Motif

Love Riddles, Couple Formation, and Local Identity in Eastern France

Soldier and Peasant in French Popular Culture, 1766-1870

Military Marauders in Nineteenth-Century French Popular Culture

Sons and Lovers: Popular Images of the Conscript, 1798–1870

Identity in a Divided Province: The Folklorists of Lorraine, 1860-1960

La Ramée, the archetypal soldier, as an indicator of popular attitudes to the army in nineteenth-century France

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