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A clash of enlightenments: Judicial reform in the Napoleonic Republic and Kingdom of Italy

Ferdinando Dal Pozzo: A Piedmontese notable at the heart of Napoleonic Europe, 1800-14

Imperial law on the Marches of the Empire: Napoleonic legal reforms in Catalonia, 1810-13

The Napoleonic judicial system in the Illyrian Provinces, 1809-13: An exercise in incongruity?

Napoleon Soldier of Destiny

The end of a golden age or the implosion of a false absolutism? The Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia from absolutism to revolution, 1685-1814

Civilized, rational behaviour? The concept of surrender in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1792-1815

The Napoleonic Regimes

Die napoleonische Gendarmerie: Eine protokoloniale paramilitarische Polzeitruppe

El imperio napoleonico y la nueva cultura politica europea

Napoleon's other war

The Napoleonic Empire

The Napoleonic Empire in Italy, 1796-1814 Cultural Imperialism in a European Context?

The Myth and Reality of Italian Regionalism: A Historical Geography of Napoleonic Italy, 1801-1814

Noble Romans and regenerated citizens: The morality of conscription in Napoleonic Italy, 1800-1814

Napoleon, Charlemagne and Lotharingia: Acculturation and the Boundaries of Napoleonic Europe'

Cultural Imperialism in a European context? Political culture and cultural politics in Napoleonic Italy

Europe After Napoleon: Revolution, Reaction, and Romanticism, 1814-1848

Europe Under Napoleon 1799-1815

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