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'Sir James Holt'

Scholastic Thought in Humanist Guise. Francois Hotman's Ancient French Constitution

”Dare unchaperoned to gaze”: A Woman’s View of Edwardian Oxford

Was 15 June 1215 the true date of Magna Carta?


Magna Carta through Eight Centuries

La Francogallia di Francois Hotman: la storia come diritto consuetudinario'


John Selden and the Norman Conquest

Robert Curthose: The Duke who Lost His Trousers

'The Ould Fields': Law and History in the Prefaces to Sir Edward Coke's Reports

A Great Admirer of Antiquity

The Norman Conquest


Conquered England Kingship, Succession, and Tenure 1066-1166

Law in the Vindiciae, Contra Tyrannos: A Vindication

Marsilius of Padua and 'the Truth of History'

After the Whigs

Bainard [Baynard], Fulk (b. in or before 1167, d. in or after 1243), justice and administrator

Braybrooke [Braybroc], Henry of (d. 1234), sheriff and justice

Malebisse [Malebysse], Richard (c.1155–1209/10), justice

Pattishall [Pateshull], Walter of (d. 1231/2), justice and administrator

Ullmann, Walter (1910–1983), historian

How the Normans did an English


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