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A most unusual empire: Rome in the fourth century

Old and New Rome Compared: The Rise of Constantinople

Last Statues CHAPTER

Last Statues of Antiquity

Last Statues of Antiquity

The end of the statue habit (AD 284-620)

The fall of the Western Roman Empire: an archaeological and historical perspective

Rome and Constantinople compared

The End of the Temples: An Archaeological Problem

Where Is The Archaeology And Iconography Of Germanic Arianism?

Jones and the Late Roman Economy


The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization

Reconfiguring sacred space: from pagan shrines to Christian churches


The Cambridge Ancient History: Late Antiquity: Empire and Successors, AD 425-600

Land, Labour and Settlement

Specialized Production and Exchange

Constantinople, Imperial Capital of the Fifth and Sixth Centuries

Why did the Anglo-Saxons not become more British?

The Idea and Ideal of the Town Between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages

The cities

Continuitists, catastrophists, and the towns of post-Roman northern Italy

Urban Continuity?

The Towns of Northern Italy: Rebirth or Renewal?

From Classical Antiquity to the Middle Ages Urban Public Building in Northern and Central Italy, AD 300-850

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