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Karlstadt's Wagen: The First Visual Propaganda for the Reformation

Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet

Luther Relics

Martin Luther

Oedipus and the Devil: Witchcraft, Religion and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe

The Witch in Western Imagination

The Seven-headed Monster: Luther and Psychoanalysis

Martin Luther's Body: The 'Stout Doctor' and his biographers

'To his most learned and dearest friend': Reading Luther's letters

Venus in Wittenburg: Cranach, Luther, and Sensuality

The Suicidal Student

The Gorgon of Augsburg

Witch Craze: Terror and Fantasy in Baroque Germany

Witchcraft and the Western Imagination

Witchcraft, Nostalgia and the Rural Idyll in Eighteenth-Century Germany

Dreams and History: The Interpretation of Dreams from Ancient Greece to Modern Psychoanalysis

Religion and Culture in Germany (1400-1800)

'Evil imaginings and fantasies': Child-witches and the end of the witch-craze

The Holy Household: Women and Morals in Reformation Augsburg
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