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How Strong was the 19th c. American State

The Historical Presidency Lyndon Johnson and Disaster Politics

Pre-Modern Disaster Politics: Combating Catastrophe in the 1950s

How Strong was the 19th c. American State

'Dealing with Disaster: The Politics of Catastrophe in the United States, 1789-1861'

Education Policy from the New Deal to the Great Society: The Three Rs—Race, Religion, and Reds

Towards Big-government Conservatism:
Conservatives and Federal Aid to Education
in the 1970s

Ronald Reagan and the 1980s

Nixon and School Desegregation

See Government Grow: Education Politics from Johnson to Reagan

The Welfare State

The Great Society after Johnson: The case of bilingual education

The Unsuspected Radicalism of the Social Security Act

Understanding the War on Poverty: The Advantages of a Canadian Perspective

Race and Social Welfare Policy: The Social Security Act of 1935

North American Antipoverty Wars: The United States and Canada in Comparative Perspective

From Opportunity to Entitlement The Transformation and Decline of Great Society Liberalism

War on Dependency: Liberal Individualism and the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

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