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Debate: Ecclesiastical organization and pastoral care in Anglo-Saxon England

Building Anglo-Saxon England

The Making of the English House: Domestic Planning, 900-1150

The British Culture of Anglo-Saxon Settlement

Grid-planning in Anglo-Saxon settlements: the short perch and the four perch module

The British Culture of Anglo-Saxon Settlement: The Chadwick Lecture, 2013

The British Culture of Anglo-Saxon Settlement: The Chadwick Lecture, 2013

Holy beams: Anglo-Saxon cult sites and the place-name element bēam

Overview: the archaeology of religion

The prehistory of English fonts

Kirkdale dedication inscription and its Latin models: Romanitas in late Anglo-Saxon Yorkshire

The dangerous dead in early medieval England

Waterways and Canal-Building in Medieval England

The Church in Anglo-Saxon society

A Saint for Every Minister? Local Cults in Anglo-Saxon England

Anglo-Saxon Bicester: the Minster and the Town

Beverley, Inderauuda and St John: A Neglected Reference

Estate Memoranda of c.1070 from the See of Dorchester-on-Thames

The Anglo-Saxon Church in Herefordshire: Four Themes

Small towns 600-1270

Anglo-Saxon Pagan Shrines and their Prototypes

Anglo-Saxon Oxfordshire

Pastoral Care Before the Parish

Early Medieval Surrey: Landholding, Church and Settlement Before 1300

English Medieval Industries Craftsmen, Techniques, Products

Minsters and Parish Churches: the Local Church in Transition, 950-1200

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