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A conversion-period burial in an ancient landscape: A high-status femael grave near the Rollright Stones

A Conversion-Period Burial in an Ancient Landscape: A high-status female grave near the Rollright Stones

The Circulation of Garnets in the North Sea Zone, AD400-700

Early Medieval Places and Spaces. Breaking Down Boundaries in British Archaeology

The circulation of garnets in the North Sea Zone, AD400-700

The Circulation of Garnets in the North Sea Zone, c. 400-700

Furnished female burial in seventh-century England: Gender and authority in the Conversion Period

A well furnished seventh-century female burial at West Hanney, Oxon

An Anglo-Saxon Great Hall Complex at Sutton Courtenay/Drayton, Oxfordshire: A Royal Centre of Early Wessex?

Characterising copper-based metals in Britain in the first millennium AD: a preliminary quantification of metal flow and recycling

Anglo-Saxon settlements in a post-Roman landscape

The Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology, ed. Helena Hamerow, David A. Hinton and Sally Crawford

The Origins of Wessex Pilot Project

Transforming Townscapes From Burh to Borough : the Archaeology of Wallingford, AD 800-1400

Rural settlements and Society in Anglo-Saxon England

Communities of the Living and the Dead. The relationship between Anglo-Saxon settlements and ceteries, c AD 450-850.'

Dark earths in the Dorchester allotments

Herrenhofe in Anglo-Saxon england

The Development of Anglo-Saxon Rural Settlement Forms

The early Anglo-Saxon cemetary at St John's Road, Wallingford

Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and history

Anglo-Saxon and earlier settlement near Drayton Road, Sutton Courtnay, Berkshire

Intensification of agrarian production in Mid Saxon England

'Special Deposits' in Anglo-Saxon Settlements

Early Medieval Settlements The Archaeology of Rural Communities in Northwest Europe, 400-900

The Archaeology of Early Anglo-Saxon Settlements: Past, Present and Future

Catholme: The Development and Context of the Settlement

Image and Power in the Archaeology of Early Medieval Britain: Essays in Honour of Rosemary Cramp

Early Anglo-Saxon Oxfordshire

Buildings and Settlements of the Angles, Saxons and Anglo-Saxons

Migrations and Invasions in Archaeological Explanation

Europe between late antiquity and the Middle Ages recent archaeological and historical research in Western and Southern Europe

The Earliest Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

Migration Theory and the Migration Period

The Archaeology of Rural Settlement in Early Medieval Europe

Excavations at Mucking

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