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Suffrage and Citizenship in Ireland, 1912-1918The Kehoe Lecture in Irish History, 2018

Sappho to Suffrage: Women Who Dared

New Issues and Old: women and politics in Ireland, 1914–1918

Feminist Political Thought and Activism in Revolutionary Ireland, c. 1880–1918

Uncertain Futures Essays about the Irish Past for Roy Foster

'Constance Markievicz'

Catholics of Consequence: Transnational Education, Social Mobility, and the Irish Catholic Elite, 1850–1900

Poverty and the Poor Law in Ireland, 1850–1914, by Virginia Crossman

'She Said She Was in the Family Way': Pregnancy and Infancy in Modern Ireland, ed. Elaine Farrell

'Waging War on the Streets': the Irish Women Patrol, 1914-22

Women and War in Ireland, 1914-18

Irish Nationalist Women, 1900-1918

The Lost World of Stephen Gwynn: Irish Constitutional Nationalism and Cultural Politics, 1864-1950

Rosamund Jacob: Third Person Singular

Another Class? Women and Higher Education in Ireland 1870-1909

Women and Civil Society: Feminist Responses to the Irish Constitution of 1937

Thomas Kettle

Women in the National University of Ireland

The Open Secret of Ireland

Censorship and its critics in the Irish Free State 1922-1932

Modern Ireland: A Very Short Introduction

Ireland and the Great War 'A War to Unite Us All'?

Thomas Kettle: 'An Irish soldier in the army of Europe'?

An Irish Soldier in the Army of Europe

The Catholic hierarchy and the Irish university question, 1880-1908

Ireland's last Home Rule Generation: The Decline of Constitutional Nationalism in Ireland, 1916-30

Nationalist responses to two royal visits to Ireland, 1900 and 1903

Before the Revolution: Nationalism, Social Change and Ireland’s Catholic Elite, 1879-1922.

These are the People Whom Some Call Disloyal’: Nationalist Responses to Two Royal Visits to Ireland, 1900 and 1903

‘Ireland’s Lost Elite, 1900-1922’

1798 in 1898: The Politics of Commemoration

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