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Sakraler Raum und Prozessionen im Großen Palast von Konstantinopel im 10. Jahrhundert

Chronographiae quae Theophanis Continuati nomine fertur Libri I-IV Recensuerunt anglice verterunt indicibus instruxerunt Michael Featherstone et Juan Signes-Codoñer, nuper repertis schedis Caroli de Boor adiuvantibus

The Emperor's House Palaces from Augustus to the Age of Absolutism

The Everyday Palace in the Tenth Century

Icons and cultural identity

Space and Ceremony in the Great Palace of Constantinople under the Macedonian Dynasty

Basil the Nothos as Compiler: the De Cerimoniis and Theophanes Continuatus

Византийские иконы как маркеры культуры

De Cerimoniis : The Revival of Antiquity in the Great Palace and the Macedonian Rennaissance

Der Große Palast von Konstantinopel: Tradition oder Erfindung?

Luxury in the Palace : the buildings of Theophilus

Theophanes Continuatus : A History for the Palace

Metochites’s Poems and the Chora

Theodore Metochites’s Seimeioseis Gnomikai : Personal Encyclopedism

Theophanes Continuatus VI and De Cerimoniis I,96

Ceremonial and the Great Palace

All Saints and the Holy Apostles : De Cerimoniis II, 6-7

Emperor and Court

Δι’ Ἔνδειξιν : Display in Court Ceremonial (De Cerimoniis II,15)

Parisinus Graecus 1776 : Metochites’s Poems and the Chora

Theodore the Studite’s Funeral Speech for his Mother

The Great Palace as Reflected in the De Cerimoniis

Studien zu den Palimpsestenfragmenten des Sogenannten “Zeremonienbuchs”. I. Prolegomena

The Chrysotriklinos as Seen through De Cerimoniis

Court Orthography: Spelling in the Leipzig Manuscript of De Cerimoniis

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